I’m Back


Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, so I hope you remember me. I’ve been busy helping several start-up companies, finishing my latest book, and doing a couple of local ministries.

Opt out if you do not wish to continue receiving my blog. I may be a little rusty as I get started back up.

One note only for this blog:  SEASONS. We all have seasons in our lives. A long time ago I quit being concerned about the season I was in. Whatever season it is–I’m OK with it. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 tells us, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.

Find peace in your Season, trust God, and make the best of it–AND learn what you are supposed to learn from it.

I hope this day finds you at peace in your Season.

God bless,

Roger Wright


Easter Power

Why were there no disciples close to the tomb of Jesus?  Why were they not watching—even from a distance?  Why were they skeptical when told that Jesus is alive?

They had been with Him for 3 years, heard truth, seen miracles, even seen Him defy physical laws—yet they still could not believe.  They were hiding and afraid for their own lives.

What was it that changed them from doubtful, whimpering cowards to become bold, courageous witnesses for Jesus?  Why did they defy Rome to the point of their own deaths?

People have asked, ‘Why did Jesus have to be beaten so harshly and then die on the cross?’  Well, if you examine what it took to get the truth across to us, then you will understand.  Water to wine, walking on water, healing blinded eyes—none of these miracles brought the disciples to the point of faith.  It took His own empty tomb, His own resurrection, His own defeating of death to convince us that through Him we can live eternally—because He lives—just like He said.

The power of Easter is the empty tomb—a Risen Lord—our Savior Who reaches out to us to come to Him—today.

–Roger Wright

Finding Peace

My wife and I have a small dog named Scooter, and he is a little shy. Since he is only 5 pounds he somehow knows that he could get hurt very easily, so he is always cautious.

Scooter is 7 months old, and we have had him for 6 months. He has just recently begun to jump up into my lap and actually relax enough to go to sleep. I can finally pet him without him being fidgety, so now I can begin to really develop our bond.

It’s the same with us and God. He wants to ‘pet’ us, to love us, to bless us in every way. But we tend to be cautious with Him just like Scooter was with me. All I wanted to do was be sweet to my little puppy, or I wouldn’t have bought him to begin with, but he just couldn’t figure that out for a long time.

How much God loves us and wants to cherish our time together. Won’t you give in to Him and allow Him to love you. It is those who seek Him that find Him. Seek Him today.

–Roger Wright

Where You Come From

I always heard that we should ‘remember where you came from’.  Well I am a firm believer in heritage.  I had 3 giants in my past—my grandfather, my father, and my mother.  They were huge influencers in my life.  No one could have had more impact in my development.  That is until 1974 when I found that I could become a member of a new family.

At that time I found that I could become a member of the ‘Family of God’.  When I found that Jesus wanted to include me in His Family then I had but one choice, and that was to except the invitation.  I discovered that ‘where I came from’ took on a whole new meaning!

As we begin a new year I feel that it is important to know our ‘where we came from’ in order to know our ‘where we are going’.

Let’s make sure that we start our New Year in the right direction—with Jesus.  Happy New Year!

–Roger Wright

It Was All Planned

A thought occurred to me during this Christmas season that Jesus didn’t ‘decide’ to come to earth to save us.  He knew it from the foundation of the world.  In other words, before He even created us, He knew that one day He would be a baby, in the flesh, in a stable in Bethlehem.  And the grace that He exhibited is that He was determined to create us—anyway.

He took the normal route of any human.  He remained in the womb for 9 months, He went through the birth ordeal, He lived out His childhood in submission to His parents, worked with His earthly father as a carpenter, and finally started His ministry around 30 years of age.  He did all of this for the privilege of being killed with excruciating pain just so He could raise from the dead, and thereby grant to us eternal life with Him.

And yet some still wonder why we praise Him.

Celebrate with me during this season as we give proper homage to the King of Kings.

— Roger Wright

Long Term Truth

Why does a child not walk in wisdom?  The answer is because they operate based upon what they know, and I refer to that as ‘short term truth’.  They only know that they are hungry, or want to play, or want attention—now!  And that is all that matters to them.  Eating candy or junk food at every meal is perfectly fine with them, but as parents we have to help them with longer term understanding.

I am grateful for ‘long term truth’.  This morning, during my regular prayer time, I was thanking The Lord for 4000 years of His wisdom that went into the writing of our Bible.  And it dawned on me that that is a long time.  It took God 4000 years of Israel’s history to give us all the stories, examples, and truth to complete, for us, enough ‘long term truth’ to guide us in anything we encounter in life.

I don’t see most people today living in ‘long term truth’.  Many of our politicians, business leaders, and even families have forsaken the wisdom of God that He gave us in our Bible.  We can only walk in wisdom if we keep our ‘guidebook’, not only close at hand, but actually read it regularly.

One of the beauties of the Bible is that we find that we have a ‘Senior Partner’ available to help us down our path.  I simply would encourage you today to seek His guidance, and walk in His real wisdom, His long term truth.

–Roger Wright

Devotion and Endurance

I love the story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 through 50. It is a story of two major characteristics: devotion and endurance.

It was a 23 year journey from pit to palace, and Joseph never once failed to remain true to his trust in God. He was devoted to following his convictions, and the endurance that he exhibited should make any of us want to imitate and admire him.

Through the years I have read his story many times, and each time I do I feel unworthy because of the wonderful example of this giant of a man.

Whatever it is that you and I want to accomplish, we should look to leaders like Joseph, because we need to know that long-term devotion and endurance is possible, and amazing results can be ours.

–Roger Wright

Confidence is Contagious


Unfortunately so is doubt. What you believe about yourself will be mirrored by the people around you. Do you want confident, successful, excited, happy people around you? Then you have to lead the way with your own confidence.

Now I’m not talking about confidence’s evil twin—arrogance. I’m talking about an air of expectancy that is born of preparation and experience. You can be confident if you have worked hard to prepare for the results you want. And you can have confidence from your previous successes and even your losses if you learn from them.

Confidence in mandatory for success! So prepare your own confidence which will always precede your success.

–Roger Wright

Biggest Tip Ever

I would like to give you the biggest tip to achieving success that you may ever get!

As a matter of fact, most success is not complicated or difficult. On the contrary success is generally simple and relatively easy. Then why do most people find it so hard? Because they miss this simple truth.

Are you ready for it? Now pay attention, and do not think because it’s simple that it’s not critically important to your almost guaranteed success. OK, here it is…

People almost always respond to results. Therein is their mistake. You see, success is a journey, and there will always be varying results along the way. When the problems, obstacles, delays, or mistakes come into play, and they always will, and you are geared to results, then you will get discouraged, slow up, or quit. But…

Not if you realize this HUGE KEY to your success, and that is…

Success is not built on looking to the results; success is built on sticking to your plan! Plan your work, and work your plan! Know that you are in the right place, know what your goals are, know that you have a good plan to achieve your goals; then work that plan WITHOUT QUITTING no matter what the results are. If you have a good plan, and you work at it consistently, without quitting; then success WILL come. It can’t keep from it! You just have to have the strength to keep going until it happens. Most people simply quit too soon.

Now, sit down and make your plan. Boil it down to one simple daily activity. Then start, and DO NOT STOP! You will succeed.

–Roger Wright