America’s Financial Crisis !!

We have an unparalleled financial crisis in America.  Some points…

  • In just 4 weeks America runs out of money.
  • The debt ceiling discussions are about increasing our ‘credit card’.
  • The rest of the world is already broke–except China.
  • We already owe China almost $1 Trillion dollars.
  • China has already lost confidence in our money management.

So, what is the solution?

  • Liberals want to tax the rich.
  • If they took 100% the ‘rich’ earn it would not solve the problem.


  • Government has to get out of our way.
  • Small businesses create jobs and tax revenue.

We need to…

  • Cut back on all entitlement programs.
  • Institute a Flat Consumer Tax of 15%.
  • Do away with ALL other taxes.
  • No loopholes–EVERYONE pays.

Without these, free enterprise/non-socialistic, measures OUR COUNTRY IS BROKE.  Then we can welcome NO SOCIAL PROGRAMS, food lines, WALKING everywhere we go, danger of foreign invasion, hyperinflation, and PURE HORROR.

The free hand-out has taken 80 years to run this great country into the ground.  But we are now at the bottom.  Recognize it, accept it, learn from it FAST, and tell your congressmen and women to save us from catastrophe.  We will all be better off if we get back to our sanity.  We teach our children about personal responsibility; it’s about time we start doing what we teach our children.

–Roger Wright

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