Are You A Chimpanzee

Recently I read that chimpanzees and humans share 98% of the same DNA.  That is amazing, but I guess it’s the 2% that makes the difference.

I couldn’t help playing around with the idea in my thinking.  OK, so here goes.

Most of us attempt to do the right things in our family, business, and church; but how much do we give it.  Are we 100%, or do we ‘monkey around’ and only give it 98%?  Remember it’s the 2% extra that makes the difference.

I have a Bible Study each Thursday morning at 7am.  These businessmen really impress me as we discuss things like morals and ethics in business.  This morning one of them got under my skin a little when he said, “When we are faced with a moral dilemma in business we need to weigh the consequences”.

He probably didn’t like my immediate response when I told him, and the others, that no, we don’t have to weigh anything.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and consequences be hanged.  Jesus is Lord, not the almighty dollar.  Jesus is my provider, not my business.  Either you trust Jesus, or you don’t.

Be 100%.  Don’t be a chimp.

–Roger Wright

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