Are You Blessed

You might have thought, when you read the title, that I was asking you if you are blessed financially.  Well I’m not.  I’m asking you simply are you blessed the way God wants to bless you?

Vickie asked me once, “Do you need to write these newsletters?”  She meant ‘do I need to do this for my business’?  I said no, “I need to write them for myself”.  By that I mean I need to write them so that I am forced to be introspective to the point that I examine my own thoughts and ways.  So here is one of those ‘intropectives’.

Times are tough these days on so many of us.  I have never seen our economic times so tough.  I have never seen our country in such turmoil.  I have never seen such struggle.  So how do we deal with all this?

We have to reflect on our purpose.  I am reminded of a scripture, Romans 8:28 says, “All things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”  As a Christian I am no longer my own.  I belong to Jesus.  So what is my purpose–what is your purpose that He has called us to?  We have to relinquish our will and accept His will for our lives.

When we take ourselves out of the center and put Christ in the center of our world then, and only then, can He bless our purpose, because it is then His purpose.  He makes that clear in another scripture, I Samuel 15:22 tells us that “To obey is better than sacrifice”.  God does not want our striving or our sacrifices.  He wants our obedience to His will for our lives.  We should trust in Him for the blessings He has for us right in the middle of our circumstances.  We must allow our circumstances to help mold us and shape us, because we trust in Him for whatever it is we need to, in order to draw us closer to Him.  He wants our fellowship.

Through trusting in God can we be blessed, because only in that closeness and obedience can He bless us.  When we are in the center; when we are our own god, He can’t bless us.  Put your trust in Him, and ask Him what it is that you need to learn from your circumstances that will draw you closer to Him.  Be blessed.

–Roger Wright

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