Biggest Tip Ever

I would like to give you the biggest tip to achieving success that you may ever get!

As a matter of fact, most success is not complicated or difficult. On the contrary success is generally simple and relatively easy. Then why do most people find it so hard? Because they miss this simple truth.

Are you ready for it? Now pay attention, and do not think because it’s simple that it’s not critically important to your almost guaranteed success. OK, here it is…

People almost always respond to results. Therein is their mistake. You see, success is a journey, and there will always be varying results along the way. When the problems, obstacles, delays, or mistakes come into play, and they always will, and you are geared to results, then you will get discouraged, slow up, or quit. But…

Not if you realize this HUGE KEY to your success, and that is…

Success is not built on looking to the results; success is built on sticking to your plan! Plan your work, and work your plan! Know that you are in the right place, know what your goals are, know that you have a good plan to achieve your goals; then work that plan WITHOUT QUITTING no matter what the results are. If you have a good plan, and you work at it consistently, without quitting; then success WILL come. It can’t keep from it! You just have to have the strength to keep going until it happens. Most people simply quit too soon.

Now, sit down and make your plan. Boil it down to one simple daily activity. Then start, and DO NOT STOP! You will succeed.

–Roger Wright

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