Easter Power

Why were there no disciples close to the tomb of Jesus?  Why were they not watching—even from a distance?  Why were they skeptical when told that Jesus is alive?

They had been with Him for 3 years, heard truth, seen miracles, even seen Him defy physical laws—yet they still could not believe.  They were hiding and afraid for their own lives.

What was it that changed them from doubtful, whimpering cowards to become bold, courageous witnesses for Jesus?  Why did they defy Rome to the point of their own deaths?

People have asked, ‘Why did Jesus have to be beaten so harshly and then die on the cross?’  Well, if you examine what it took to get the truth across to us, then you will understand.  Water to wine, walking on water, healing blinded eyes—none of these miracles brought the disciples to the point of faith.  It took His own empty tomb, His own resurrection, His own defeating of death to convince us that through Him we can live eternally—because He lives—just like He said.

The power of Easter is the empty tomb—a Risen Lord—our Savior Who reaches out to us to come to Him—today.

–Roger Wright

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