Follow Up

We had a lot of religious activity this past week-end with it being Easter.  Families got together more than normal, kids hunted Easter Eggs, and the faithful celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Now it’s Monday.  How do the renewed family ties and the renewed vows of the faithful translate into action after the holiday?

Follow-up and follow-through is important in everything.  Whether one is dealing with their faith, family, marriage, or a golf swing–follow-up and follow-through is critical.  I heard one fellow say, “I told her I loved her when we got married; if anything changes I’ll let her know”.  Well, how many of us know that attitude just won’t cut it.  Follow-up and follow-through.

Attention must be given in order to keep things right.  Here again, it’s important in your walk of Christian righteousness, your marriage, your family, or the business commitments you made.  Get busy and follow-up and follow-through.

–Roger Wright

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