It Was All Planned

A thought occurred to me during this Christmas season that Jesus didn’t ‘decide’ to come to earth to save us.  He knew it from the foundation of the world.  In other words, before He even created us, He knew that one day He would be a baby, in the flesh, in a stable in Bethlehem.  And the grace that He exhibited is that He was determined to create us—anyway.

He took the normal route of any human.  He remained in the womb for 9 months, He went through the birth ordeal, He lived out His childhood in submission to His parents, worked with His earthly father as a carpenter, and finally started His ministry around 30 years of age.  He did all of this for the privilege of being killed with excruciating pain just so He could raise from the dead, and thereby grant to us eternal life with Him.

And yet some still wonder why we praise Him.

Celebrate with me during this season as we give proper homage to the King of Kings.

— Roger Wright

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