Long Term Truth

Why does a child not walk in wisdom?  The answer is because they operate based upon what they know, and I refer to that as ‘short term truth’.  They only know that they are hungry, or want to play, or want attention—now!  And that is all that matters to them.  Eating candy or junk food at every meal is perfectly fine with them, but as parents we have to help them with longer term understanding.

I am grateful for ‘long term truth’.  This morning, during my regular prayer time, I was thanking The Lord for 4000 years of His wisdom that went into the writing of our Bible.  And it dawned on me that that is a long time.  It took God 4000 years of Israel’s history to give us all the stories, examples, and truth to complete, for us, enough ‘long term truth’ to guide us in anything we encounter in life.

I don’t see most people today living in ‘long term truth’.  Many of our politicians, business leaders, and even families have forsaken the wisdom of God that He gave us in our Bible.  We can only walk in wisdom if we keep our ‘guidebook’, not only close at hand, but actually read it regularly.

One of the beauties of the Bible is that we find that we have a ‘Senior Partner’ available to help us down our path.  I simply would encourage you today to seek His guidance, and walk in His real wisdom, His long term truth.

–Roger Wright

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