Don’t just work; network.

“Networking is life skills and social skills combined with sales skills.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

In today’s techno-savvy world too many people rely upon a computer, a phone, a text message, and email, or Google searches to accomplish all their communication tasks and understanding.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

We have to understand that we are dealing with PEOPLE not machines. Even if you are deep within the techno world as a computer programmer it’s the one who networks the best–actually TALKS with his co-workers–that gets promoted. I heard it said once that, in any town, the medical doctor that has the most patients is the doctor with the best ‘bedside manner’– he actually TALKS with his patients–that’s networking with another human being. Wow–what a concept!

The more you involve yourself with the life of another person, and actually LISTEN when they talk, the better you will succeed in life–in every area of your life.

–Roger Wright

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