Get Creative

Did you ever rearrange furniture in a room, and then stand back and admire your accomplishment. You just created something. It felt good didn’t it? That’s what creating something always feels like.

We all need to be creative, but most of us are not. Why? Because being creative carries with it the risk of failure. You might not like the results you get. You might find that you can’t make it happen the way you wanted to. So do you just not even try? All great or small creations are accomplished by those who are not afraid to take a risk. No risk; no reward!

The really exciting thing is that we all can learn to be more creative! What is the one thing that you have been wanting to do, but have been afraid to try? Well go ahead and try it on a small scale. Just do it. And go ahead and expect to fail, because that’s what happens most of the time you try something new. So expect it, but also expect to go ahead and make your second attempt. The more you work at it; the better you’ll get, and the closer you get to your ultimate goal—success! Hey, you just created something.

Come on. Join the courageous. Take a risk. Get creative. And enjoy your success!

–Roger Wright

Begin Again

Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”.

So many people feel that if they ‘tried’ something, and ‘it didn’t work’, then it won’t work. That is such a misconception, and it causes so many people to miss out on so many blessings.

The awesome John Maxwell wrote a book called Failing Forward, because that is what works. You generally don’t succeed your way to success; you fail your way to success. And just like Henry Ford said, learn from it and start again but more intelligently.

Because you fail does not make you a failure. You become a failure when you quit.

–Roger Wright

Do Something Great

Have you ever noticed that there are not a lot of instructional books, CD’s, DVD’s, or motivational conferences out there attempting to teach us or encourage us to take a nap?

I’ve never even seen a movie about the best way to, or the merits of, taking a nap.

Now, am I just being silly, or having a senior moment? Not really. Stop and think about why we don’t see a lot of attention to nap instruction–because anyone can do it, and everyone does.

What gets attention every time is when anyone does SOMETHING GREAT. That is what encourages and inspires others. It shows others that something great IS possible, and just maybe they can do it too.

I believe that each and every one of us is capable of doing something great. I believe that each and every one of us has within us the ability and vision to imagine and accomplish our own dream. Don’t allow the nay-sayers to tell you otherwise. You can, you should, and I believe you must..


–Roger Wright


Don’t just work; network.

“Networking is life skills and social skills combined with sales skills.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

In today’s techno-savvy world too many people rely upon a computer, a phone, a text message, and email, or Google searches to accomplish all their communication tasks and understanding.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

We have to understand that we are dealing with PEOPLE not machines. Even if you are deep within the techno world as a computer programmer it’s the one who networks the best–actually TALKS with his co-workers–that gets promoted. I heard it said once that, in any town, the medical doctor that has the most patients is the doctor with the best ‘bedside manner’– he actually TALKS with his patients–that’s networking with another human being. Wow–what a concept!

The more you involve yourself with the life of another person, and actually LISTEN when they talk, the better you will succeed in life–in every area of your life.

–Roger Wright

Do Your Homework

School homework is misunderstood by most students.  Yes it is to further your understanding about a particular subject, but I never saw my studies as an end unto themselves.  I saw my studies as a preparation for the rest of my life.

Learn to study, and do your homework–for living life.

I have read books on how to be a better husband, father, and businessman.  I have read books about being spiritually more in tune with my Creator.  And when I began to be more serious about my writing I read books on writing; I went to several authors for their advice–I did my homework.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish–DO YOUR HOMEWORK !!

–Roger Wright

Seek Him

“…He who has begun a good work in you will complete it…” Phil 1:6

Know this, that God is working to help each of us, but it’s up to us to seek Him in the midst of our trials so that He can help us.  If we resist Him, or ignore Him, then He will allow us to do it all by ourselves.

You may be dealing with a person who is being hard to get along with, or there could be circumstances that are beyond your control, but nothing is beyond God’s control—seek Him.  Instead of complaining, seek Him.  Ask Him “What is it that You are trying to teach me Lord?  What is it that I need to learn to become the person you want me to be?”

You see, if your focus is always all about you, then you may miss the biggest blessings of your life—the blessings that God above wants to give you—seek Him.  God is much more interested in you than in your circumstances.  If you get discouraged because things aren’t happening in your timetable, then you’re not focusing on Him, and you are limiting your own self.

Don’t wait for things to get better to begin praising Him.  Start praising Him and trust Him to help things get better, and while you’re still in the middle of your circumstances seek to learn what He wants you to learn.  Allow Him to complete His good work in you.

–Roger Wright


Do you want to succeed at something?  Well, know this; no one will do it for you.

Do not wait for someone to inspire you.  Do not wait for someone to help you. Do not wait for all the circumstances to be right.  Do not wait until you have all the answers.

Regardless of your circumstances.  Regardless of your success to this point.  Regardless of your company.  Regardless of your boss.  Regardless of the people around you…


I heard it said:  “Do you want a little cheese with your ‘whine’?”  Don’t whine.  The more time you spend blaming other people or other things, the less time you have to improve yourself.

You are the best asset you have available, so work every day on improving yourself.  Look at the books you have read lately, and what CD’s have you listened to?  Go get some good books and CD’s that teach you how to be a better you.  That way, REGARDLESS of everything around you, YOU can take control and change your future.

–Roger Wright

The Power Of Belief

“God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.” — Romans 12:3

I think the greatest thing God has given us is the ability to believe.  It is a truly unique human characteristic.  It is a gift from God.

As you develop your belief in Jesus you can secure your home in Heaven.  You can overcome your financial burden.  You can find joy in your life.  You can change your medical diagnosis. You can find peace with that family member.  You can become successful in every area of your life.

There is incredible power in belief.  Trust Jesus right now to overcome the mistakes of your past. You can win over circumstances.  When you get in alignment with God, and believe what He says about you, then you can overcome anything.  What God says supersedes every natural law. So many times in the Bible we see where the impossible became possible because of belief.  I have seen it so many times in my own life–as recently as this week.

Today make the choice to nurture and allow to grow in your life the faith that God has already planted there. He has already given you the power to change–through Him.

Pray:  “Father, I thank you for giving me the measure of faith that I need.  I put my trust in You to help me with my life today.  Work your will in my life right now.  In Jesus’ name, Amen”

–Roger Wright

Believe In Yourself

I love seeing people succeed.  When one makes any attempt to accomplish anything, either as a child or an adult, and they make it, there is such an exhilarating feeling inside.  It boosts your confidence in yourself.

Now think about what I just said.  You try something, you do it, you feel good.  Follow me here, because this is important to you.  Your success just gave you a lift in your feeling about yourself.

Now look at the flip side.  One of the gigantic reasons for people failing is their own lack of self-confidence.  They have a few failures in life, and they begin to slow up on even trying, and they settle into a lifestyle that doesn’t challenge or hurt them.  This is very dangerous to the achieving of your personal dreams.

Let’s recap.  You succeed; you feel good–you fail; you feel bad.  One builds your belief in yourself and makes your whole life better.  One diminishes your belief in yourself and makes you settle for whatever comes your way in life.

So, here are two keys to help you: (1) Set yourself up for success: plan well, take small steps, and don’t stop until you win. (2) ONLY remember your successes; don’t you dare beat yourself up for your failures–we all have them.  Learn from them and forget them.

Do this and you will believe in yourself, AND you will be happy you did.

–Roger Wright

Master The Mundane

Most of success is not that complicated.

During the successes I have had in my career there have always been those who asked how I did it.  And when I tell them the simple daily system that I use–it never fails–they don’t believe it–they ALWAYS think there has to be more to it.  They always attempt to complicate it.  But successful people…


  • They do it WELL
  • They do it OFTEN

Figure out the simple thing that you need to do that works, and then work at being great at it, and then do it every day. YOU WILL SUCCEED!!

–Roger Wright