PALM SUNDAY.  Around 2000 years ago Jesus rode a donkey into the town of Jerusalem.  People waved palm leaves in celebration of this teacher who had worked many miracles in their midst.

But Jesus knew that He was riding into destiny.  He was riding into the last week of His life.  He knew that He would suffer greatly FOR US.   He knew that He would soon be back home with His Father.  He came to bring us truth and life, but He had to pay for that with His own life.  (see the movie–The Passion)

Jesus came into town, on what we call Palm Sunday, on a donkey.  Now here was the Creator of the Universe, who had left Heaven’s Glory, to come FOR US.  By coming in on that donkey He was showing us that very fact.  He was identifying with us.  He was showing that He was not above the everyday man and woman.

I hope that, as we share this glorious season, we take some time to understand the Savior and what He actually did for us.

–Roger Wright

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