Do you want to succeed at something?  Well, know this; no one will do it for you.

Do not wait for someone to inspire you.  Do not wait for someone to help you. Do not wait for all the circumstances to be right.  Do not wait until you have all the answers.

Regardless of your circumstances.  Regardless of your success to this point.  Regardless of your company.  Regardless of your boss.  Regardless of the people around you…


I heard it said:  “Do you want a little cheese with your ‘whine’?”  Don’t whine.  The more time you spend blaming other people or other things, the less time you have to improve yourself.

You are the best asset you have available, so work every day on improving yourself.  Look at the books you have read lately, and what CD’s have you listened to?  Go get some good books and CD’s that teach you how to be a better you.  That way, REGARDLESS of everything around you, YOU can take control and change your future.

–Roger Wright

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