Seek Him as a Child

God tells us to come to Him with a humble heart, a child-like heart, a contrite heart ready to repent.  He says that in a different way when He tells us not to harden our heart, or have an evil heart of unbelief.  Ps 95:6-11, Heb 3, Mt 18:1-4

Godliness is all about a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus.  But we cannot bargain with Jesus; we do it His way, or we go our way which leads to a life without His blessings and ultimately eternity in Hell.

It is unfortunate that in our society today almost everywhere you look there is the propaganda of self. Permeating our world is a self-centered training camp helping us to focus on ourselves more than anything else–our career, clothes, make-up, car, boat, food, and thousands of things that take us away from Jesus.

Jesus wants us to spend time with Him, focus on Him, and that fellowship with Him will end up blessing us more than we could ever bless ourselves.  Then we will also begin to take our eyes off of ourselves, and actually realize that there are other people in the world that we can be a blessing to.

Jesus is THE ULTIMATE SERVER and THE ULTIMATE GIVER!  He gave His life freely to gain our freedom and our eternal life.  Since He did come out of that grave, let us come to Him, and do things His way.  Ask Him to come into your heart–fresh and new today–allow your heart to soften to Him.  Let the King of Kings and Lord of Lords love you, serve you, and guide you today–ask Him in.  He came out of that tomb for you; come to Him.

–Roger Wright

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