What Do You Hear

How is it that two people can hear the same message, and both come away with totally different responses?  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about business information, political, spiritual, or social.  Two people will get different information out of the same content.

This was a source of outright screaming frustration for me for many years.  Now I just accept it, because I have found, through so many years of attempts, that people hear what they want to hear!  It is the rare individual–rare indeed–that actually observes almost every source with objectivity.  That rare person will weigh the information and allow fairness and wisdom to prevail.

Others, unfortunately, will weigh most things based upon a predetermined set of opinions that slants everything they observe.  I sort of see this phenomenon as a set of filters. Everything that is coming in gets filtered to make it fit their predetermined picture of how things should be.

It still drives me crazy to see someone totally get it all wrong.  I see it especially in politics and religion.  I have always heard people say to not discuss those two subjects.  My response has always been the opposite–let’s talk about it.  Those are two of the most important subjects on the planet; you had better get them right!  One controls our entire country’s destiny; the other controls your eternal destiny!

So, ask yourself, ‘Am I using mental filters, am I objective, am I fair’?  It takes effort to actually listen objectively, but it will take you to a whole new plane of awareness that will be liberating.

–Roger Wright

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