Where You Come From

I always heard that we should ‘remember where you came from’.  Well I am a firm believer in heritage.  I had 3 giants in my past—my grandfather, my father, and my mother.  They were huge influencers in my life.  No one could have had more impact in my development.  That is until 1974 when I found that I could become a member of a new family.

At that time I found that I could become a member of the ‘Family of God’.  When I found that Jesus wanted to include me in His Family then I had but one choice, and that was to except the invitation.  I discovered that ‘where I came from’ took on a whole new meaning!

As we begin a new year I feel that it is important to know our ‘where we came from’ in order to know our ‘where we are going’.

Let’s make sure that we start our New Year in the right direction—with Jesus.  Happy New Year!

–Roger Wright

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