Your Personal Charisma

Have you ever noticed how some people get attention just by entering the room?  Why is that you might wonder?  Some people might label that–personal charisma.  The word charisma originally comes from the Greek meaning ‘favor given’.

People with this characteristic or quality of personality seem to gain favor often without even trying.  But would it amaze you to know that anyone can have charisma?  I believe anyone can, and the reason I feel that way is that I have a lot of personal experience with people for over a half century now–that’s a lot of years to draw perspective from.

I have felt drawn to, and remember vividly, my encounter with the 90 year old lady in the nursing home, the 7 year old street kid in Jamaica, the simple middle-aged man on the job.  Now why do you think I remember those individuals many years after our one time meeting?  It’s because they affected me with their personal charisma.

I think personal charisma comes from several factors that we all can manifest in our lives.  But, like any other area of personal growth, we have to be conscious of it and work at it.  I believe charisma comes from:  personal self-esteem, confidence, genuineness, and purpose.  And each of these can be acquired with a little effort.  The results can be remarkable in your everyday life.

–Roger Wright

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